What We Cannot Be

At Chesterton Academy of SJPII we strive to contend with the wealth of ideas handed down to us by intentionally NOT playing it safe.  Learning to wrestle with the heaviness of thought in a classical curriculum should and often is thrilling and at times difficult.  It is in the struggle that we grow and find out our mettle.  It is also a hallmark of our students that they have a joy about their learning precisely because it is often not safe. I was inspired to share a piece by Anthony Esolen in a recent post to explain it even better:

I cannot see how the “SAFE space” can coexist with genuine education. You have to be willing to enter the arena of hard thought, argument, evidence, authority — and that is not SAFE, nor should it be. I don’t mean that education always has to be a deadly fight. But the insistence that it be SAFE for your opinions or your feelings — that is silly. It can’t be.

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