October Shadow Days at Chesterton Academy in Green Bay

If you’re looking for a Catholic, classical education that teaches the good, true, and beautiful (and not all the other unwanted things you see in schools today), look no further! We are Green Bay’s newest Catholic high school in the classical tradition! We have lots of shadow days coming up, and we would love to see you.

We get it…

Choosing the right high school isn’t an easy decision especially in today’s world. Questions come up such as:

  • What books will my child be reading?
  • Does this school’s values actually align with traditional Catholic teaching?
  • Is it worth my investment?

To give you some peace of mind right away, here are some quick facts about us:

  • We emphasize the importance of what it means to be pro-life
  • We start each day with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass together as a school
  • All our teachers are faithful, well educated, practicing Catholics
  • There are regular opportunities for confession, adoration and retreats
  • Juniors or Seniors take a pilgrimage to Rome to explore in person the earthly home of the Catholic faith and all its magnificence and beauty
  • There are tuition aid opportunities available

and so much more!

Contact us to schedule your shadow day to learn more!
(920) 617-9542