Dim Bulbs and Alabaster Vessels

Catholic classical education is by its very design an endowment. It is for us to give to future generations. By way of example, my Grandmother’s recipe for Makovnik at Christmas is a gift or endowment to our family and a link to the past (even though many don’t love it like me). It’s pride of place comes from the fact that it was made, formed and loved into existence. It is a piece of the culture of our family Christmas, our heritage. 

Western civilization for many reasons has cheapened this grand endowment out of ignorance and for expediency and cost. Why make the makovnic, I mean really, grinding all that poppyseed by hand?  The labor, the attention, the skill of baking, the time, it is too much fuss. You know, the bakery section at Costco is pretty good and the pumpkin pies are a great value and you don’t have to make a mess and, and and…

What I mean is that we are slipping quickly, trading an active life for a passive one, especially in education. We look to be dimly entertained as opposed to deeply enlightened. Classical education chooses the path of sustained interior lighting. Active, engaged and fire some stoking and not simply having a student look at shiny objects, but having the learner take that enduring cultural greatness and letting its beauty shine forth from within forever.

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