Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

Modesty, formality and cleanliness will be the primary guides in all matters of the required uniform. Students will be expected to present themselves in a way that reflects their great dignity, the dignity of their vocation as students, and the seriousness of our collective task. Therefore, they will wear the Academy uniform in a modest, sober, and neat way, avoiding all manner of ostentation. The uniforms must be clean and in good condition with no rips, holes or stains.

For the full uniform policy, see our Family Handbook.

Violations of the uniform policy will result in a demerit. The final interpretation of the uniform policy resides solely with the headmaster.

Please visit Schoolbelles for purchasing uniforms.

Parents can access this to the site with the school code already implemented. If you need more hard copies of the Buying Guide you can call Joyce in Customer Service at 1-888-637-3037 Ext. 151 or email her at jmurria@schoolbelles.com.